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Formula C44897H36282O17909N28434 (and what it does)

     Dr. Froenke burst into the study, excitedly grabbed Dr. Himson’s coat sleeve and

 began tugging on it. “Dr. Himson, Dr. Himson” he started yelling, nostrils flaring

 and eyes wide open. “It works, it works.” Dr. Himson pulled his coat sleeve out of

 Dr. Froenke’s hand and asked irritably, “What works?”

     “The new chemical eraser that I invented-the one with formula

 C44897H36282O17909N28434 that I told you about last week. It erased my desk when

 I rubbed it on.”

     Dr. Himson knew that Dr. Froenke was such a nut case that unless he went and

 looked there would not be a moment’s peace in the building, so he followed the

 other researcher down the hall to the laboratory.

     Once inside Dr. Froenke went over to his desk and pointed to a large hole in the

 center of it. “See”, he said with a smug look on his face. “I told you it worked.”

      Dr. Himson walked over to the desk and peered into the hole. Sure enough, it

 went all the way through the desk and he could see the floor. He then walked

 around all the sides of the desk and looked everywhere he could think of to make

 sure that Dr. Froenke was not playing a trick on him and that the new formula

 really worked. Then a terrifying thought stuck him.

      Wheeling around he asked Dr. Froenke, “What are you keeping the liquid in if it

 erases everything it touches?” Dr. Froenke looked at him with astonishment on his

 face. “I didn’t think of that” he said, and turning ran over to one of the benches

 lining the walls of the laboratory. “I left the beaker right here”, Dr. Froenke said,

 pointing to an empty spot on the bench. “But there’s nothing left of the beaker, I

 wonder where it went?”

     Dr. Himson went over and looked for himself. “There”, he said, “Look at that

 hole in the bench. That’s where it erased the beaker and now is draining down into

 the earth.”

      Both men looked at each other with horror written on their faces. If the new

 Formula C44897H36282O17909N28434 erased everything it touched, then soon nothing

 would be left. They realized something had to be done.

     But it was no use for soon Formula C44897H36282O17909N28434 had erased not

 only the world but also the galaxy and the universe, marking the end of everything

 as Dr. Himson and Dr. Froenke knew it.

      However, it did not matter to the two doctors since by then they had been

 erased and were no longer in existence.


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