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Here you will find some of the finest authors on the Internet. You may peruse the writings of such authors as L. J. Stroud, master of suspense and science fiction; R. R. Stark, compiler of tales that will freeze the blood or take you into fantastic flights of fantasy. Also, L.J. Stroud and R.R. Stark have joined forces to create many more magnificent and wondrous works of literary fiction which can be found at the Stark and Stroud section on BambleBrush. Here too, for all to read are the computer works of L. N. Papke, Visit the Bookcase page to find others that have placed various writings on BambleBrush. Future Talk - a blog about what the future may bring, and views on what will get us there sooner.
The Corner Commentry - one man's views on the world, such as it may be.
Hey, what was that? - just as the title states.
Strange Reports From Zones Unknown - a Compendium of Conspiracies, Coverups, the Paranormal, UFOlogy, Metaphysics, and Beyond
For the online reading pleasure of our viewers BambleBrush now has the Poetry section. The BambleBrush Gallery is one of our latest additions, intended to feature artistic works of many types. Featured now are some of the works of Priscilla Papke, who with a few swift strokes captures the essence of family and friends for all to see. Also, visit and purchase the fabulous artwork of her brother, LeRoy Papke II.  Visit the Gallery to look for other works of art.

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